Best YA Movies

With the next movie in the Divergent series: Allegiant coming out soon I decided to list the best YA movies. Now I know that YA movies have a reputation for being crappy crash-grabs for teenagers, but there are some out there that just happen to be pretty good. Now I will not be basing these … More Best YA Movies

Ghostbusters Trailer

I had been dreading the day when a trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie would come out and now it is finally here. Now, Ghostbusters has always been a great franchise, but now it looks like they are getting their “Terminator Genisys” reboot (that’s what I call, reboots that suck). Now, I’m not saying that … More Ghostbusters Trailer

Snowden Teaser

A teaser has been dropped for the new Snowden movie, and it’s a  real teaser. The movie is to come out this September, the teaser basically gives us a bit of information on Edward Snowden, things we all know. The thing I loved about this teaser was how little details it gives to us, and … More Snowden Teaser

Oscars Review

The Oscars are over and Leo has finally won! It’s about time. 10 of my predictions have come true, and I’m proud. Yeah, it’s a shame that Tom Hardy didn’t win best supporting actor and the Revenant didn’t win best picture, but at least Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won his first Oscar. Now i am … More Oscars Review