Sing Street

Sing Street (2016)

Rating: PG-13

Director: John Carney

Sing Street is a movie about a boy named Conor, who has recently met a girl named Raphina, he is very attracted to her and to catch her attention he tells her that he is in a band. The only problem is, he isn’t in a band, so he starts a band with some friends. This movie is a deep emotional drama, it has aspects of coming of age and following your heart.

First thing that I loved about the movie was well… the music. The music was very good and you can tell that they actually tried when writing this movie. Also this movie takes place in the 80s and the music fits the theme of the 80s very well.

Another thing that I loved about the movie, the brother. Conor’s relationship with Brendan is very deep and heartfelt. In essence the movie was almost about Brendan and how Conor was continuing what Brendan had started. There is one scene of the movie where Brendan tells Conor that he carved out a path for Conor and if he hadn’t done it first, Conor would have made it. This scene resonates strongly with the audience and we see why Brendan is so passionate about helping Conor out. It also connects with people who know what it’s like to have a brother, the theme of brotherhood is very strong in this movie.

Another thing I liked about the movie was the chemistry between Conor and his band mate Eamon. They show the relationship of good friends, I could tell that the two actors were having a good time with their roles. Scenes in this movie where Conor and Eamon were making music, it felt so real and drew a deep connection with the musical theme and the theme of friendship.

I also loved that the movie takes us much deeper than just the band and Conor trying to get the love of Raphina. It goes into his internal struggles as his parents are separating and the bullying that he receives at school from fellow classmates and teachers. It also takes us into the lives of people from Ireland, thinking that if they don’t leave their island they will never become anything significant.

In the end I highly recommend Sing Street to anyone that likes feel-good movies that give you not only a good story but a good experience overall. I can definitely see this movie becoming a classic in the future.

My rating for this movie is:



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