Imperial Dreams

Imperial Dreams (2014)

Rating: R

Director: Malik Booth

Imperial Dreams is a beautiful indie movie starring John Boyega, about a father who gets out of jail and is trying to raise his son in rough L.A.

The main idea of the plot is just that, Bambi played by John Boyega has recently gotten out of jail and is trying to clean his life up and raise his son. He is also aspiring to be a writer, he writes of his experiences in the hood and his struggle to stay afloat.

First let me just say that John Boyega was good in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but John Boyega was spectacular in Imperial Dreams. Seeing the movie it was very believable with John Boyega as Bambi, his acting was amazing and I can see him going places because of that performance.

Another thing that I loved about this movie was the cinematography, the lighting was incredible and some of the camera angles were very well done. I enjoyed seeing the creative touches with the lighting especially.

Spoiler Alert! There is a scene is this movie where Bambi has to have his son taken away from him because he is homeless and has to sleep in a car with his son, but child protection services does not allow it and they have to take his son away from him. This scene is absolutely the best one of the movie. You are heartbroken because you know that Bambi loves his son and he is the only thing he loves about life, but he has to watch his kid taken away from him. This part of the movie shines out the most and gives you the most insight into Bambi’s character.

I loved the storyline for Imperial Dreams, there were several parts in which I felt deep into the movie and connected. There were very few parts that took me out of the movie. There were some scenes in Imperial Dreams that put me on the verge of tears.

In the end I highly recommend Imperial Dreams if you are looking for a movie that will keep you invested in the story and will guarantee a tear or two.

My rating for this movie is:



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