Captain America Civil War Trailer #2

It is here… and we couldn’t be more exited.

Oh my… nerds all around the world are foaming at the mouth. After seeing this trailer I almost screamed, this movie is going to be crazy. First of all, they did an amazing job of not spoiling anything (I think). Second of all, this trailer (Unlike Batman v. Superman) didn’t give us the resolution of the story, so I’m even more exited now.

But my favorite part of the trailer like most, is the appearance of everyone’s favorite web-shooting teen. Yes I’m talking about Spiderman. He made a sensational appearance at the end of the trailer, and now the amount of people that were going to watch this movie has just doubled.

So now we are all set to watch the movie, lets hope it’s as good as the trailer makes it out to be. Go team Ironman!!!


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