Snowden Teaser

A teaser has been dropped for the new Snowden movie, and it’s a  real teaser. The movie is to come out this September, the teaser basically gives us a bit of information on Edward Snowden, things we all know. The thing I loved about this teaser was how little details it gives to us, and yet, it still gets us exited for the movie.

You cant tell me you’re not exited for the movie after seeing that. We all know the basics of Edward Snowden, how he leaked information from the NSA about how the U.S. government was spying on Americans, and now he’s hiding somewhere in Russia trying to escape from the U.S. government.

One of the things that get’s me most exited for this movie is that it’s directed by Oliver Stone… yeah the same director of Platoon and JFK, this man is an expert on controversial army movies. The hype just got a whole lot bigger.


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