The Walk

The Walk (2015)

Rating: PG

Director: Robert Zemeckis

I saw The Walk a couple of days ago and I decided this would be a good movie to do a review on. Directed by Academy Award winning director Robert Zemeckis  and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt we were guaranteed a movie that we would all enjoy.

P.S. After reading this review, be on the lookout for my next post, on the new Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie: “Snowden”.

Okay, so The Walk first takes place in France where a young  Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) becomes inspired to be the most sensational high-wire artist. He becomes very good at high-wire walking and eventually has a dream of high-wire walking across the twin towers of New York City. He brings along his companions played by Charlotte Le Bon, James Badge Dale, and Clément Sibony. Thus begins our story.

This movie was extremely enjoyable, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s acting was spectacular, and so was the rest of the cast. The director, Robert Zemeckis is known for directing great movies such as “Forest Gump”, “Cast Away” and “Back to the Future” and this movie can just be added to the list of good movies that he has directed.

I really liked the cinematography of this movie, there were some really good shots, and some really good effects. Towards the beginning of the movie everything is in black and white, except for a few colors here and there and I really enjoyed that effect. I also liked the special effects for this movie, when Philippe Petit was on the high-wire between the twin towers, you really felt like he was up there.

One thing  that I would like to say though, this movie is like a horror film to people who are afraid of heights, because the movie does a really good job of making you feel like you are up on that wire with him.

My only problem with this movie is that there are a couple of unnecessary scenes. For example, there was one scene in which Philippe and his friend are trying to set up the wire on the world trade center in secret, and a man comes up to the top of the building, nods at Philippe and walks away. This scene was completely out of place and the movie would have been perfectly fine without it.

In the end, I did enjoy this movie a lot, and I would easily recommend it to someone who wants to have a good time watching a fun, enjoyable movie.

My rating for The walk is:


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