Why People are Hating on Triple 9

Triple 9 is Hollywood’s latest crime/drama film… and it was a disappointment. I am not going to do a review for this movie because I do not have the time for that this week. But I will write a short post about why people dislike this movie so much.

Now, the movie isn’t terrible, but it still isn’t the best, with a 6.7 on IMDb and a 59% on rotten tomatoes, it’s ratings are moderate. But I have heard a lot of negative talk on this movie, the main reason… the pacing.

With an amazing cast, you would expect this movie to be brilliant, but it was more of a disappointment. With Anthony Mackie, Norman Reedus, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Aaron Paul, you would think that the acting would be superb, well… the acting was actually very good in the movie. Again, it was the pacing that was the problem with this movie.

The main issue that people are having with this movie is that it is slow and doesn’t show us what we were wanting to see. From the trailer, we went into this movie thinking that it would be an intense crime movie. Well, it was a crime movie… just not intense. At the end of the movie there was a more exciting action sequence, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy us.

Another part of the problem with this movie was the duration. Many people are complaining about how the movie dragged on for much too long. In the end, this movie wasn’t what people wanted it to be, and when making a movie, you generally have to give people what they want… at least we can be thankful that this isn’t another Battlefield Earth.

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