The Best Actors of Today

Nowadays people don’t really take good acting very seriously. It’s kind of hard to find great actors in this age, but I’ve compiled a list of great actors of today’s time. These are the actors under 50 who know how to act, not just act… but act well.

10. Hugh Jackman


Hugh Jackman is a spectacular actor that has been in a wide variety of movies. He is most notoriously known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men franchise. But he is actually a very skilled actor and has been in movies such as “The Prestige” and “Les Misérables”.

9. Benedict Cumberbatch


Benedict Cumberbatch is probably most known for his role in the BBC series “Sherlock” and his acting in that show is spectacular. But another movie which grabbed peoples attention was “The Imitation Game” for which he was nominated an Oscar, which was well earned.

8. Jamie Foxx


Jamie Foxx is a phenomenal actor, he is widely known as the man who played Django in “Django Unchained” but he won an Oscar for his role in “Ray”.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the greatest actors of the twenty first century (so far) it’s a shame he hasn’t won any Oscars… yet.

6. Michael Fassbender


Michael Fassbender was a star in Inglourious Basterds and now he starred as Steve Jobs in the “Steve Jobs” movie along with his role in the X-Men movies. This man has a bright career ahead of him.

5. Matt Damon

Film Title: The Bourne Ultimatum

Matt Damon is spectacular. He acted and wrote part of “Good Will Hunting” one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the 90’s. He also plays Jason Bourne in the Bourne franchise, but he also knows how to be a comedic actor as he does in “The Martian” and “True Grit”.

4. Christian Bale


Christian Bale had the best Batman voice, I don’t care what you say. He also had to loose 60 pounds to play in “The Machinist” now that is commitment!

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an often overlooked actor. He directs, knows how to act serious and take a comedic role… only true actors know how to do that.

2. Jake Gyllenhaal


Jake Gyllenhaal… not only does he have a great personality but the dude knows how to act. His best role so far was without a doubt Louis Bloom in “Nightcrawler” the man gave me the shivers, if you can do that to me in a movie, you know your a good actor.

1. Tom Hardy


Tom Hardy, most people don’t know that he is British, that’s because in almost all of his movies he adopts a different accent, and they are all convincing. He was recently nominated for his role in “The Revenant” but he participated in several other movies last year, such as “Legend” and “Mad Max: Fury Road”.

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