New Jason Bourne Movie Teaser!

It’s finally out! The teaser for the new Bourne movie was aired on the super bowl, and it looks amazing!


Jason Bourne, is a series of movies based on the books written by Robert Ludlum. The first Bourne movie: “The Bourne Identity” was a great start to the franchise, directed by Doug Liman it was a very enjoyable movie. The “Bourne Supremacy” was the second movie in the franchise, it was better than the first movie as it was directed by Paul Greengrass, a spectacular action movie director. The third movie in the franchise “Bourne Ultimatum” was one of the most epic movies of this decade, also directed by Paul Greengrass, it was the best Bourne movie thus far. The “Bourne Legacy” was the fourth installment and the most recent of the Bourne movies was a bit of a disappointment in my eyes, it was directed by Tony Gilroy, who wrote allot of the screenplay for the other movies… yeah he should have just stuck with the writing.

But now we have a first look at the new Bourne movie:

Matt Damon is back! It looks like the name for this new movie is simply “Jason Bourne”, and it’s going to be directed by Paul Greengrass. This movie is an almost guaranteed success! What we got from the teaser, was that Bourne has finally regained his memory. We hear a woman saying that “the world is at war”, we can only hope that Bourne is finally going after the people who keep inventing these assassin programs and finishing it once and for all.

Let’s hope this movie meets our expectations!

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