Oscar Predictions!

The Oscars are soon to be upon us, we all know the academy is going to make some terrible choices as to who will win these Oscars. I’m here to predict who will win each Oscar. I know not all of my predictions will come true, but these are the people and movies that I feel, deserve to win.

Best Picture:

The Revenant


This one should be obvious, as this movie is so well directed, acted, shot, and edited, there is no way that the academy should chose any other movie, the Revenant truthfully deserves this Oscar.

Actor in a Leading Role:

Leonardo DiCaprio: The Revenant


If Leo does not win this Oscar I am going to be so furious at the Academy. There have been numerous occasions where Leo deserved an Academy Award but the Academy took a dump on his amazing acting. It is completely insane how one of this centuries best actors still hasn’t won an Oscar!

Actress in a Leading Role:

Cate Blanchett: Carol


It’s going to be a rough competition between Cate Blanchett and Brie Larson to see who will win this Oscar, but ultimately i feel like Carol Blanchett deserves this one.

Actor in a Supporting Role:

Tom Hardy: The Revenant


Tom Hardy has proven time and time again that he is a spectacular actor with movies like: Locke, Legend and now The Revenant, probably some of his most impressive acting ever!

Actress in a Supporting Role:

Jennifer Jason Leigh: The Hateful Eight


To be honest with you, I didn’t really know who to pick on this category, all of the actresses were spectacular and I took a wild guess with Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Animate Feature Film:

Inside Out


This decision was extremely easy, we all know that Pixar has a great track  record, and now they have made possibly their best movie yet.


The Revenant


If the Academy doesn’t choose the Revenant as the best cinematography they are insane. This movie was shot with ALL NATURAL LIGHTING!!! Do you know how hard that is to create? And not to mention that most of the scenes in that movie were ONE TAKE!!!


Alejandro González Iñárritu: The Revenant


Alejandro González Iñárritu is simply a genius. He made movies like Birdman and The Revenant, where most of the scenes were one take, and that is just spectacular, but this man deserves more than just an Oscar for what he did to make the Revenant such a beautiful masterpiece.

Costume Design:

Mad Max: Fury Road


Documentary (Feature):

Cartel Land


Documentary (Short Subject):

Chau, beyond the Lines


Film Editing:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Foreign Language Film:

A War


Makeup and Hair-styling:

Mad Max: Fury Road


Music (Original Score):

The Hateful Eight


Music (Original Song):

“Writing’s on The Wall” From Spectre


Production Design:

The Martian


Short Film (Animated):

Bear Story


Short Film (Live Action):



Sound Editing:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Sound Mixing:

The Martian


Visual Effects:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Writing (Adapted Screenplay):

The Martian


Writing (Original Screenplay):



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